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Jewelry Making And Cutting Machines

Cutting is one of the essential jobs continuously carried out during the jewellery making process. For every type of jewellery or design to be made, there are specific cutting machines. CNC cutting machines can be chosen by the clients based on their axis, including 5 axis, 6 axis and 9 axis. For zig zag bangle cutting and double head chain cutting, we have zig zag bangle cutting machine and double head chain cutting machine. All these machines are known for their features such as sturdy design, compact size, precise cutting, high operational fluency and longer service life. Apart from this, machines are tested by our quality assurance team to ensure these are free from manufacturing defects and flaws.

Rajaram Dies Makers serves the jewellery makers in India with its range of utility and functional machines. The jewelry making and cutting machines made using high grade components are capable of making finest quality cutting. These machines are needed to finish the jewelries in desired time span. There are many machines in this range for performing specific tasks, for instance chain strip rolling machine, bangle and ring tube forming machine and diamond cutting faceting machine. The machines provide ergonomic design to the jewelry and have user friendly controls. These jewelry making and cutting machines can replace the older models as they are innovative and offers perfect design for preparing various kinds of jewelry with ease.